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February Instagrams

Oh february you came and went right before our eyes.
I'll admit it i'm glad your through, you were too cold for us and just made us wish for spring.
You were also full of surprises. Like when i quit my job because it was emotionally draining.
And how right after husband got promoted therefore we weren't going to miss that money i was making.
You were full of spiritual moments. God is good.
Full of cuddling and full of eating lots of food.
The good and the not so good for us. Oops.
We celebrated love day for the 6th year.
And overall had a blessed month. We are grateful for you.
Most of all we're glad we're closer to warmer weather.

Here's a few instagrams from our month.
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1// 2// 3// 4// Our little home decorated for V-day. Thanks to target's dollar corner and free printables.

 photo 2_zps5091fb00.jpg
 photo 1_zps663ca717.jpg

5// We celebrated V-day at home
6// Then later went out for some yummy chinese at our favorite little place. 
 photo 4_zps8242801b.jpg

7// We decorated valentines cookies at activity days to drop off at people we love houses.
8// Oh saturday naps under a warm blanket. The best feeling ever. 
 photo 15_zps0543fd63.jpg

9// I purged my closet. OY!
10// Then later went thrifting. Went 3 times in february. YAY!
 photo 5_zps54a30d47.jpg

11/ Thrifting at Salvation Army. A favorite
12// Thrifting at Thrift town. Another favorite.
 photo 7_zpsb61a85b8.jpg

13// I won a giveaway. How fun.
 photo 8_zps2e632211.jpg

15// I started journaling. And failed. Need to start back up again.
16// I went to a wonderful conference. Time out for women. The spirit was felt. 
 photo 3_zps1b9b41dd.jpg
17// We enjoyed sunday walks
18// EVEN though it was still freezing cold. 
 photo 9_zpse2a7054c.jpg

19// 20// I attended a blogging party hosted by the Breezy Days blog, and had a blast. 
 photo 6_zpsfd8e59fd.jpg
21// I continued to work on some physical goal.
22// I started training for a 5k. I AM NOT a runner so it was hard. 
 photo 13_zps50b61d2f.jpg

23// I got closer to my goal. 10 more lbs to go. YAY!!
24// I had fun working out with my cute mom!!
 photo 12_zps5eb4f540.jpg

25// I made lots of yummy clean meals.
26// And my mom tempted me with no so clean yumminess every sunday dinner.
 photo 11_zpsf7594d06.jpg

27// And I caved and had yummy greasy brazilian goodness.
28// And yummy cakebites. Ai Ai Ai!!
 photo 14_zps2e71803f.jpg

29// 30// Husband and I enjoyed our weekends together. Had date nights because lets face it that's about the only time we see each other now a days. Poor guy lives at school, church and work.
 photo 10_zps8d3c894f.jpg

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