January 2013

January was by far the coldest, darkest, dreariest, longest, month ever!
Winter in utah has been brutal this year. We were cooped up inside "trying" to stay warm. Our house is old, from the 60's and boy it's a cold house. We have to leave our heater on a super low number or else our bill comes crazy expensive. So i literally froze the whole month of january. I remember walking in the shower and having purple nail beds and lips. Our office is the worst, i'm sure it has no insulation. If we sat at the computer for 30 minutes or more our fingers would literally freeze.
We had a couple snow days. Where the schools and everything closed because the snow was so bad. And one day we had freezing rain. Something i had never heard of before, and i have lived in utah for 14 years. Basically it was so cold and it was raining therefore it froze everywhere. On the roads, on the sideways, on the driveways. EVERYWHERE. Everyone and their dog fell on their butts that day. We were basically ice skating everywhere.
So aside of staying in, watching a lot of movies, and eating out there was nothing much that happened in january. Except we still worked on our office makeover. In freezing weather. YES, not the best idea since we were outside staining the desk and spray painting stuff. Next time we will wait until spring to do a project. Especially since we don't have a garage.

So without further ado here's january's instagrams.

1// & 2// Ikea shopping for new office furniture and accessories.
 photo 1_zps3cbe8546.jpg
3// DIY-ing some wall art for the office
4// I thrifted this pair of lamps for $4. A fresh coat of gold spray paint and new lamp shades from ikea ($10 each) I now have new lamps that I LOVE. Total of $24 for both.
 photo 3_zps2f877ddd.jpg
5// Husband worked SO VERY HARD on our thrifted desk. He stripped the natural color, sanded it all down and then re stained it a fresh cherry color. It looks brand new now. Pictures to come.
6// Remember the "put a bird on it" phrase that was oh so popular forever ago? Well my new one is "put some fur on it" I bought this sheepskin at ikea and i swear i should have bought like 5 because I want one in every room. It adds such fun texture and character. 
 photo 4_zps2b268da9.jpg
7// I took down ALL our christmas stuff. the house felt so clean and empty without it all. Husband also painted our kitchen, which was green before, to gray. It's a fresh change.
8// I went thrifting only ONCE the whole month of january. Such a shocker for me. But i scored some awesome stuff...2 Old navy polka dot shirts, jcrew stripped shirt, old navy skinny jeans, a skinny bow belt, brown heels, some home nick backs, the cutest vintage owl EVER, and a globe because a girl can never have too many globes ;) All this for like $20. 
 photo 5_zps31a3fb5e.jpg
9// & 10// Here's the cold I was talking about. BURRRRR!
 photo 6_zps6c31ed73.jpg
11// Sexy husband at a date at yummy in-n-out.
12// Me sporting my palm tree Lauren conrad dress with mustard tights. I bought the dress for $5 at kohls. Love that place. 
 photo 2_zps2a444aec.jpg
13// & 14// After a christmas break and being sick I stayed almost 15 days off track of my diet so in the beginning of january i jumped back on track and was more determined then ever for progress and hitting some goals. 
 photo 8_zps130b344d.jpg

15// In the beginning on january i tried on some really old high school jeans that hadn't fit for probably 3 years and guess what? THEY FIT!! I was so dang excited.
16// I discovered tabasco and boy i am hooked. Love that stuff.
 photo 16_zps29f4f8be.jpg
17// More date night fun. Golden Corral (his choice lol) and a movie.
18// What i wore for date night.
 photo 7_zps58a9febe.jpg
19// Another date night to the temple then Johnny Rockets. It was so yummy. As you can tell i have cheat days on saturdays. It's the only way I survive the hard strict week.
20// Us wearing our christmas presents to each other. I gave him the H&M suit and he gave me the emerald jcrew number 2 pencil skirt. I love it so much. Wish I could own one in every dang color. 
 photo 9_zps53108cfa.jpg
21// Trying on new shades of lipstick.
22// MORE snow. It never stopped snowing the whole month of january.
 photo 19_zps31439c59.jpg
23// - 28// Date night with friends. Yummy authentic Italian pizza and NUTELLA gelato. It was heaven in my mouth. Then we played poker. I sucked at it but we had a blast.
 photo 12_zpsf34d0b68.jpg
 photo 13_zps3059da62.jpg
 photo 14_zps1d860c9f.jpg
29// Baby sat this cutie patootie. Love her to piece.
30// A quote for MLKjr day.
 photo 11_zpsf2a3dfde.jpg
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